MadGenius Productions focuses on eight major service lines, all of which complement a Video’s Production. Our services augment the entire Video-making process.

2D/3D Animation

MadGenius has its own animation studio in Kochi, Kerala. The studio handles both 3D and 2D animation projects. Our award-winning in-house animators are masters of their craft. We have an impressive body of work and have worked on television commercials, short-films and a variety of videos. Therefore, we are experienced creators with years of experience in the field.

Explainer Videos

MadGenius Productions is a leading explainer video production company in Kochi focusing on creating quality video content for brands. Animated explainer videos are our forte as a company. There are not many companies that specialize in explainer video production in Kochi. Explainer videos as the name suggests, explains the idea. They give a much more detailed insight to any idea. Explainer videos may instruct or inform. They may be 2D or 3D animated. They can also be a combination of live-action and green-screen. Our team has been collaborating on such videos for years now. We have skilled creators who can provide content that explains just about anything. Therefore we definitely stand out as an explainer video production company in Kochi.

TVC Production

The company is the most reputed TV commercial production company in Kochi with many famous brands as its clients. MadGenius Productions being a prolific TV commercial production company in Kochi, we have an excellent production team. We work tirelessly right from the pitching stage to the post-production. Our production team has executed projects for many famous firms and have led many famous made-for-tv commercials. The company’s reputation as the best TV commercial production company in Kochi is as a result of this fact.

Music Video Production

We are well-known for our Music Video Production in Kochi, Kerala. We have worked on animated and on-site shot music videos. The crew has used multiple-formats to make these videos. Our team has executed lyrical music videos as well. We design videos based on the genre and the style of the musician. The company also provides post-production services to clients.

Product Videos

MadGenius Productions is a Product Video Production Company in Kochi that curates informative product videos for major companies. Our team of producers is very knowledgeable. Especially in new-age technology-based products. As a major Product Video Production Company in Kochi, we have done product videos for a range of products. This includes automobiles, apps, and IoT products, to name a few. They display features and advantages of a product. Testimonial-based and animated product videos are the most common formats. A well-designed product video is quite short. This makes it easier for viewers to understand. Being a leading Product Video Production Company in Kochi, the product videos we do also often include the making of the product.

Line Production

We prove line production services in Kochi. Our production crew has many line producers with experience handling many successful projects. Once a project is awarded, we set a pitch. From there we set up everything from the scripting to the post-production based on your brief. The line producer also acquires talent and key personnel for a production. We also scout locations as a part of our line production services.

Post Production

MadGenius Productions is a post production studio in Kochi, Kerala with state-of-the-art facilities for post production work. We provide this service after we pre produce and shoot the project. Our post production studio in Kochi houses editors, animators and sound designers. We have years of experience in these fields. Our animators add visual effects. The sound engineers add voiceovers and other background sounds. The post production studio in Kochi also ensures we deliver the end product to clients within a short amount of time.